Hair transplant aftercare

After you had a procedure of hair implant, you should keep a number of things in mind, so your new hair comes with a great experience. The techniques for hair transplant these days will give you a look that is natural. In most cases people will not be able to tell when you have hair implants, as long as they don’t look at the scalp closely. The type of care you do after you go through the surgery will give you the look that you want.

Taking care of the suture

In order for infection to be avoided, you should make sure you keep the suture area clean, while applying a treatment to prevent scars and for the incision to be less visible.

Control of the bleeding

With the latest implant techniques the amount of bleeding is at a minimum, but bandages should be changed regularly in the first days.


In most cases you should start to shampoo during the first one or two days, so scabs will not form near the shaft of the hair. If a scab appears it might pull the hair unit that is newly placed, if it is plucked or picked.

Falling out of the hair shaft

Quite commonly, it happens that the implanted hair shaft falls out after a small time period. Even though that happens, the root or hair follicle is still alive and a new hair shaft will grow soon. You might not be happy with the result during the first month but everything will be OK eventually.

Future balding

Hair follicles that are newly implanted will keep growing hair even as the original hair will go balder. In the end you might have new hair which is surrounded by an area of baldness. In the future you might need more implants to compensate.

Free consultation, hair treatment and aftercare

You can take advantage of lower cost of hair transplantation abroad in many ways. Free consultation is available in Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and London. The hair loss treatment (FUE microsurgery) takes place in Budapest, Hungary and should not take longer than 2 days. After the hair transplant surgery you will get some instructions which you will have to follow.