Hair loss treatments

Hair loss treatments men and womenThere are many people in the world that suffer from hair loss and are embarrassed by their condition.

There is really nothing to be embarrassed about, yet those that suffer from hair loss continue to look for ways to hide it.

Women’s Hair Loss

Hair loss is considered as a male problem, but there are many women who also suffer from baldness. One of the most common reasons for women to lose their hair is hormonal issues. You may start to lose your hair shortly after having a baby due to the intense hormonal changes. This type of hair loss can be temporary or permanent.

There are only a couple of options if you are considering going with the non-surgical solutions. Some women try to prevent hair loss or even slow it with chemicals. These chemicals are minoxidil and finasteride. These chemicals do little for growing hair back, but have been proven to slow hair loss down. Some women would prefer to just purchase a wig to cover their balding scalps. There are many wigs that look and feel real, which is why wigs are normally the most common option chosen by women.

Men’s Hair Loss

Many men are embarrassed about the situation as much as a woman, but for a man it is a little more accepted as a norm. Many men also look for non-surgical hair loss solutions. They also use minoxidil and finasteride to slow the process of losing their hair. If the chemicals do not work, men usually purchase a wig or a toupee to hide the hair loss, but many are not satisfied with these solutions and continue to look for a better hair loss solution.

Finally they can do a hair transplant surgery which is a permanent solution. If you are also need to do something against the hair problems, visit a hair clinic where hair restoration specialist may find the best method for your case.