Hair implants for women

Hair transplant procedure for womenHair implants are a proven method for men to cure their baldness and they’ve been so for many years. At first, the hair implants results weren’t as great, as the technology didn’t allow for the hair follicle individual placement. What they used to do was take scalp patches where there was good growth of hair and they grafted it into areas where there was baldness.

With this type of method, the results weren’t great. You basically had guys which had hair tufts sticking out in every direction and which thought that they looked absolutely normal. At that point, the method was called hair plug surgery. This is also exactly how it looked, like plugged hair in bald spots. In most cases people actually looked worse after the plugs than if they remained bald.

Hair transplant procedure for female patients

At the end of the last century, everything changed, as the procedures for micro-transplantation appeared. By using the latest hair implant methods, the hair follicles were manipulated individually and inserted in the scalp areas that showed baldness. With a good surgeon, the hairs will be placed in groups which will have between one and three shafts, which is the same with natural hair and its growing method. The new hair will be inserted in a way that will appear similar to the hair from the surrounding area. This way you can’t notice the hair implant.

Women that needed hair implants weren’t helped by this procedure until recently. Now, they use a technique that is micro-surgical, which requires a scalp patch which has full hair growth, which can be used as the area which will donate for the hair implant. Unfortunately, many women that have baldness will also have thinner hair, so it can be hard to look for a regular donor area. These days operations have been developed which will use follicles from different scalp portions.

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